PATIENT ADMINISTRTAION (PA) Workgroup Development Draft

5.29.9 Resource Appointment - Mappings

Mappings for the appointment resource. Mappings for RIM (

AppointmentAct (ActMood = ActMoodAppointment or ActMoodAppointmentRequest)
    reason(encounter appointment).reason
    slotSchedule-Slot (classCode=ACT, moodCode = SLOT)
        actorperformer | reusableDevice | subject | location
        status Mappings for HL7 v2 (

    identifierSCH-1, SCH-2, ARQ-1, ARQ-2
    reasonAIS-3, ARQ-7
    priorityARQ-12, SCH-11.6 / TQ1-9
    startARQ-11.1, SCH-11.4 / TQ1-7
    endARQ-11.2, SCH-11.5 / TQ1-8
    orderARQ-24, SCH-26
    participantPID, AIP, AIG, AIL
        typeAIP-4, AIG-4
        actorPID-3-Patient ID List | AIL-3 | AIG-3 | AIP-3
        statusAIP-12, AIG-14 Mappings for iCalendar (

    participantATTENDEE component to be created
        actorATTENDEE: (Need to provide the common name CN and also the MAILTO properties from the practitioner resource) where the participant type is not "information-only"
        requiredROLE=REQ-PARTICIPANT (roleparam)
        statusATTENDEE;CN="Brian Postlethwaite"; (rsvpparam | partstatparam)