PATIENT ADMINISTRTAION (PA) Workgroup Development Draft

1.20.0 Element

The base definition for all elements contained inside a resource. All elements, whether defined as a Data Type or as part of a resource structure, have this base content: Content


NameFlagsCard.TypeDescription & Constraintsdoco
.. Element ElementBase for all elements
... id 0..1idxml:id (or equivalent in JSON)
... extension 0..*ExtensionAdditional Content defined by implementations

XML Template

<Element xmlns="" id="xml:id (or equivalent in JSON) (id)"> doco
 <extension><!-- 0..* Extension Additional Content defined by implementations --></extension>

JSON Template

  "resourceType" : "Element",
  // from Element: extension
  "id" : "<id>", // xml:id (or equivalent in JSON)
  (Extensions - see JSON page)