PATIENT ADMINISTRTAION (PA) Workgroup Development Draft v3 Value Set ServiceDeliveryLocationRoleType

This value set ( is defined as part of HL7 v3.

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This value set does not contain a fixed number of concepts ServiceDeliveryLocationRoleType

A role of a place that further classifies the setting (e.g., accident site, road side, work site, community location) in which services are delivered. (OID = 2.16.840.1.113883.1.11.17660)

This value set includes codes defined in other code systems, using the following rules: Value Set Contents

DX or therapeutics unit
CVDX diagnostics or therapeutics unit
CATH catheterization lab
ECHO lab
GIDX diagnostics or therapeutics lab
RADDX diagnostics or therapeutics unit
RADO oncology unit
RNEU unit
CHR Care Facility
GACH; General Acute Care Hospital
MHSP Hospital
PSYCHF Care Facility
RH hospital
RHAT treatment center
RHII impairment center
RHMAD with adjustment difficulties center
RHPI impairment center
RHPIH impairment - hearing center
RHPIMS impairment - motor skills center
RHPIVS impairment - visual skills center
RHYAD with adjustment difficulties center
HU unit
BMTU marrow transplant unit
CCU care unit
CHEST unit
EPIL unit
ER room
ETU trauma unit
HD unit
HLAB laboratory
INLAB laboratory
OUTLAB laboratory
HRAD unit
HUSCS collection site
ICU care unit
PEDICU intensive care unit
PEDNICU neonatal intensive care unit
INPHARM pharmacy
MBL laboratory
NCCS critical care and stroke unit
NS unit
OUTPHARM pharmacy
PEDU unit
PHU hospital unit
RHU hospital unit
SLEEP disorders unit
NCCF or custodial care facility
SNF nursing facility
OF facility
ALL clinic
AMPUT clinic
BMTC marrow transplant clinic
BREAST clinic
CANC and adolescent neurology clinic
CAPC and adolescent psychiatry clinic
CARD Health Care Facilities; Clinic/Center; Rehabilitation: Cardiac Facilities
PEDCARD cardiology clinic
COAG clinic
CRS and rectal surgery clinic
DERM clinic
ENDO clinic
PEDE endocrinology clinic
ENT clinic
FMC medicine clinic
GI clinic
PEDGI gastroenterology clinic
GIM internal medicine clinic
GYN clinic
HEM clinic
PEDHEM hematology clinic
HTN clinic
IEC evaluation center
INFD disease clinic
PEDID infectious disease clinic
INV clinic
LYMPH clinic
MGEN genetics clinic
NEPH clinic
PEDNEPH nephrology clinic
NEUR clinic
OB clinic
OMS and maxillofacial surgery clinic
ONCL oncology clinic
PEDHO oncology clinic
OPH clinic
OPTC clinic
ORTHO clinic
HAND clinic
PAINCL clinic
PC care clinic
PEDC clinic
PEDRHEUM rheumatology clinic
POD clinic
PREV medicine clinic
PROCTO clinic
PROFF's Office
PROS clinic
PSI clinic
PSY clinic
RHEUM clinic
SPMED medicine clinic
SU clinic
PLS surgery clinic
URO clinic
TR clinic
TRAVEL and geographic medicine clinic
WND clinic
RTF treatment facility
PRC rehabilitation center
SURF use rehabilitation facility
DADDR Address
ACC site
COMM Location
CSC service center
PTRES's Residence
UPC protection center
WORK site

This value set contains 123 concepts