PATIENT ADMINISTRATION (PA) Workgroup Development Draft Value Set

This is a value set defined by the FHIR project.

Physical form of the location

Detailed Descriptions: XML or JSON.

This value set contains 8 concepts LocationType

This example value set defines a set of codes that can be used to indicate the physical form of the Location.

This value set defines its own terms in the system

bu Building
wi Wing
co Corridor
ro Room
ve Vehicle
ho House
ca Cabinet
rd Road

This value set is used in the following places:

The OID for the value set is 2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.2.336 (OIDs are not used in FHIR, but may be used in v3, or OID based terminology systems).

See the full registry of value sets defined as part of FHIR.